Fr. John Touloumes arrived at Holy Trinity in August 1993 with a mandate from then Bishop (later Metropolitan) Maximos: Transition the parish of almost 200 families from dues to...

Exodus from Orthodoxy, Part II: The Three Big Challenges of Young Adulthood

The second of a three-part series: Exodus from Orthodoxy.


Is a donation kiosk right for your parish? In a recent study of church giving conducted between 2015 and 2017, the traditional methods of donating (cash and check) are declining whereas...

4 Organizations that are Changing the Face of Ministry

Steve highlights 4 organizations that are helping the Church refocus on Christ and His Kingdom.

A Delightful Surprise

How can we more intentionally recognize Christ in our midst in every nook and cranny of family life?

3 Critical Questions to Shape the Future of the Church

Steve asks 3 questions that should shape the future of our ministry work.

Teach the Faith

Now that we are a couple of months into our Sunday Church school year, I want to ask, “Are we teaching the Faith?” Our task is to hand on the contents of the Orthodox Christian Faith to another...

Test your Phishing skills

Phishing emails come in all shapes and sizes, but fortunately there are some “tells” you can look for to help suss out potential scams.

Think Outside the Box for a Renewed Sunday Church School Year

  It’s that time of year again! The time of year where you are starting to realize that summer vacation is over and that the Sunday Church School year is starting up any day now!...

What is a Phishing Attack and Tips for Protecting Yourself

Cybercriminals are using social engineering to craft emails that appear as though they have been sent from a legitimate organization or known individual. The purpose of these emails is to either...

What Young Adults Are Really Saying About Church

After season one of We Are Orthodoxy, we're starting to notice some trends in what young adults are really saying about their experience in the Church.

4 Tips for Preaching the Gospel Online

Steve and Father Andrew Stephen Damick share 4 tips for preaching the Gospel online.

The Environment and the Greek Orthodox Church

As you may all know, in 1989, then Patriarch Demetrios proclaimed September 1 as the annual day of prayer for the Care of Creation.  Since 1991, Patriarch Bartholomew has focused on the...

Taking the Next Step in Youth Safety

A look at what to expect from the new Policies for the Safety of Youth and Children.

The Christian Home

While parish priests, religious educators, and youth workers share in the responsibility of bringing our children closer to Christ and the Church, the primary responsibility rests within the “home...

Planning your Parish Adult Education Program

Because so much of parish life functions like the school year (September through May, or whatever it is in your area!) now’s the time of year to start planning and organizing the program ideas and...

3 Things Every Youth Worker Should Learn from Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt witnessed to Christ and the Gospel while he accepted an award. Here are 3 things we can learn and apply.

The Principle of Non-refoulement in the Context of Migration

Imagine your country, the place you’ve lived your entire life, has been so effected by climate-driven disasters, such as extreme floods resulting in dangerous landslides, that not only is...

Childlike vs. Childish

What is it about children that Jesus wants us to emulate?