Sunday of Orthodoxy

Since 843 the Church has designated the first Sunday of Lent as Sunday of Orthodoxy. Specifically, we celebrate the restoration of Icons by the Empress Theodora. Generally, we commemorate: 1) The...

The Veneration of the Holy Cross

Yesterday's feast was the Veneration of the Holy Cross. The cross meant a great deal for Christ. Through the cross Christ died so that He can descend into Hades and destroy the power of death....

Exchanging Truth For A Lie

There is a subtle, diabolic and life threatening trap today. Secular society has ever increasingly come to believe in a different god. This one has always been around. He shows up with greater...

Living As Apostles To America

How do we live as Apostles to America now? What needs to happen if we are to be the Apostles to America? Not only do we need to emulate those who established Orthodox Christianity in this land but...

Focus Fasting: A Reflection on the Great Fast

Often, during major fasting periods of the Orthodox Church, the faithful may tend to concentrate mostly on fasting from foods; however, we must also fast from language or thoughts that separate us...

Transfigurating Practices

What happened on the day of our Lord's Transfiguration? What does it mean? In this sermon, learn about this major Feast day of the Orthodox Church.

“Lord, it is good for us to be here.” (Mt 17:4)

A sermon examinng the mystery and the gospel of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ.

Making Disciples of All Nations

As Orthodox Christians, every one of us is called to some type of ministry.Our goal in life should be to use the gifts that God has given us in order to serve Him. We need to pray that God will...

Jesus - "A Light for Revelation"

A youth sermon encouraging children to allow their Faith to be a light in the world.

The Word: Becoming Fertile Soil

Our hearts will be fertile ground if we center our lives in Christ. If we pray, fast, and do good, we know that Jesus will be with is with us and that we are being used as His instruments.

Watering All the Earth That it May be Fruitful

We can all be the good soil, and sow good seeds, and if we allow our seeds to be cultivated and watered then we can bear fruits of love that will lead not only ourselves, but others closer to God.

Giving Thanks to God by the Way We Live

Thankfulness is a state of being and a way of life for all Orthodox Christians. A thankful spirit is a key characteristic of a Christian. It sets us apart from the world. It makes us different.

I am the Way: Finding the True Keys to Happiness through Jesus Christ

A youth sermon encouraging children to live authentic lives in Christ.

Ambassadors of the Faith: "He Who Hears You Hears Me"

A youth sermon encouraging children to love their neighbors and their enemies, as Christ commanded, so that people will be drawn to Christianity and the Gospel.

“A Time for You to Bear Testimony” Luke 21:12-19

To bear testimony about Christ means that you must first know Him. So, how do you get to know him?

The Apostles Peter & Paul: Sent Out to Save the World!

A youth sermon teaching children to let their actions reflect their faith.

Becoming Light for Those in Darkness

The parable of the Publican and the Pharisee is a story about two individuals who are direct opposites. Opposite in the way they lived their life, in the way they acted toward others, even in the...

Missions Sunday: “Sharing the Story”

Our Lord is counting on us! To tell the story. To share His love. To offer a witness of the transforming power that comes through believing and following Jesus Christ. Our Lord is counting on us,...

Mission Sunday: The Universe Is Our Parish

A sermon explaining mission work within the Orthodox Church.

Mission Sunday: Sharing the Story

A sermon that can be read during your parish's "Missions Sunday."
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