Hank Hanegraaff talks with the Very Rev. Archpriest Andrew Stephen Damick, who served for many years as the pastor of St. Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church of Emmaus, Pennsylvania, and is now the Chief Content Officer of Ancient Faith Ministries. 

Fr. Andrew has been podcasting since 2007 and is host of several popular podcasts, including the Orthodox Engagement,   Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy , and  Roads from Emmaus   podcasts, and co-host of "The Lord of Spirits" and "The Areopagus" podcasts. Hank focuses the conversation on Fr. Andrew’s new book, "Arise, O God: The Gospel of Christ’s Defeat of Demons, Sin, and Death." Oddly, many Christians today have a confused understanding of the gospel itself. Fr. Andrew clarifies and explains the real nature of the gospel and what it entails. In His coming to earth, His suffering, and His resurrection, Christ conquered demons, sin, and death—the gospel is the declaration of this victory.   

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