St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church in South Bend, Indiana Continues Community Garden

On Saturday, June 8, 2024, St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church in South Bend, Indiana planted vegetables and companion flowers in their community garden, building on the foundation they began last year. This year, they added marigolds, which provide many benefits, including attracting pollinators, deterring pests, and enhancing the growth of companion plants.

The garden is a collaboration with Unity Gardens, an organization that provides food for those in need and brings diverse groups together to grow, harvest, share, and eat healthy food. The parish cannot wait to share their garden with the community, and thanks all the volunteers who have contributed time and effort! Volunteer opportunities, including weeding and harvesting, will continue throughout the summer. 

Contact the church office at 574-277-4688 for volunteer information.

Photos courtesy of St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church.

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