Online Version of 'Journey of Marriage' Launched

The Direct Archdiocesan District (DAD) is pleased to announce the launch of an online version of its popular “Journey of Marriage” pre-marital workshop. For several years the DAD has been offering in-person, all-day workshops at host parishes. Trained facilitators have visited the host parishes and presented the six-session program authored by Dr. Philip Mamalakis and Father Charles Joanides. These workshops received praise from the attendees for the practical and directly applicable lessons that every couple should consider before their wedding. 

In March 2020, these workshops were suspended in accordance with Archdiocesan and governmental restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For several months this ministry was dormant, but soon facilitators were busy translating the in-person workshop into a virtual one. 

Each of the sessions was recorded via Zoom. While this provided most of the content to participants, it lacked the personal interaction between couples and facilitators and among the different couples that was a feature of the in-person events. To remedy this deficiency, each couple who completes the six sessions online is asked to register for a 60-90 minute live Zoom session with facilitators.  

Couples seeking to celebrate the sacrament of marriage in DAD parishes will be directed by the parish priest to go to and register for the online Journey of Marriage. The Dad will send them a pair of Couples’ Workbooks and they can work through the six online sessions at their own pace. Once they have completed those, they can leave feedback in the form of a Participant Evaluation and sign up for a scheduled live Zoom session. These sessions will offer couples a chance to ask questions of the facilitators and to network with other couples. Facilitators will have a chance to share their own personal thoughts and experiences. Finally, the facilitators will send each couple and their priest a Certificate of Completion. 

We encourage all DAD couples to take advantage of this unique and wonderful ministry of our Church. It is our sincere hope that it provides them with valuable tools and information to benefit their Journey of Marriage.  


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