Lazarus Saturday & Palm Sunday:

Apolytikion - 1st Mode

By raising Lazarus, from the dead before Thy Passion, Thou didst confirm the Universal Resurrection, O Christ God. Like the children, with the palms of victory we cry out to Thee. O Vanquisher of Death, Hosanna in the highest! Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord.

Bridegroom Service - Sunday Night:

Idiomelon - 1st Mode

As the Lord was going to His voluntary Passion, He said to the Apostles on the way, ”Behold I go up to Jerusalem, and the Son of Man shall be delivered up as it is written of Him.” Come therefore, let us also go with Him purified in mind. Let us be crucified with Him and die for Him to the pleasures of this life. Then we shall be with Him and hear Him say, “I go no more to the earthly Jerusalem to suffer, but to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God. I shall raise you up to the Jerusalem on high in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Doxastikon - Plagal 4th Mode

The serpent found a second Eve in the Egyptian woman and plotted the fall of Joseph through words of flattery, but leaving behind his garments Joseph fled from sin. He was naked but unashamed like Adam before the fall. Through his prayers, O Christ, have mercy on us.

Bridegroom Service - Monday Night:

Idiomelon - 1st Mode

How shall I the unworthy one appear in the splendor of your saints? For if I dare enter the bridal chamber with them my garments will betray me, they are unfit for the wedding. The angels will cast me out in chains. Cleanse the filth of my soul, O Lord, and save me in your love for mankind.

Bridegroom Service - Tuesday Night:

Idiomelon - 1st Mode

As the sinful woman was making her offering of myrrh, thy disciple was scheming with lawless men. She rejoiced in pouring out her precious gift, he hastened to sell the Precious One. She recognized the Master, but Judas bartered from him. she was set free, but Judas was a slave to the enemy. How terrible his slothfulness, how great her repentance! O Saviour, who didst suffer for our sakes, grant us also repentance and save us.

Last Supper Service - Wednesday Night:

Troparion - Pl. 4th Mode

When the glorious Disciples were enlightened at the washing of their feet before the Supper, then the impious Judas was darkened, ailing with avarice, and to the lawless judges, he betrayed Thee, the Righteous Judge. Behold, o lover of money, this man who because of money hanged himself. Flee from the greedy soul which dared such things against the Master. O Lord, who art good toward all men, glory to Thee!

12 Gospels Service - Thursday Night:

Antiphone 12 - Pl. 4th Mode

Thus says the Lord to the Jews, “My people what have I done to you or how have I offended you? To your blind I gave sight; your lepers I cleansed; the paralytic I raised from his bed. My people what have I done to you and how have you repaid Me? Instead of manna, gall; instead of water, vinegar; instead of loving me you nailed me to the cross. I can bear no more, I shall call the Gentiles mine, they will glorify Me with the Father and the Spirit; and I shall give them eternal life.”

Antiphon 15 - Pl. 2nd Mode

Today, He who hung the earth upon the waters is hung on the tree.

The King of Angels is decked with a crown of thorns.

He who wraps the heavens in clouds if wrapped in the purple of mockery.

He who freed Adam in the Jordan is slapped on the face.

The Bridegroom of the Church is affixed to the cross with nails.

The Son of the Virgin is pierced by a spear.

We worship Your Passion, O Christ. (x3)

Show us also Your glorious Resurrection.

Doxastikon - Pl. 2nd Mode

They have stripped Me of My garments, and cloaked me in a scarlet robe. They have set upon My head a crown of thorns, and have given Me a reed in my right hand, that I might dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.

Vesperal Liturgy - Saturday Morning:

Stichera - Pl. 4th

Today Hell cries out groaning, “I should not have accepted the Man born of Mary; He came and destroyed my power. He shattered the gates of brass, as God, he raised the souls that I’d held captive.” Glory to Thy Cross and Resurrection, O Lord!

Today Hell cries out groaning, “My dominion has been shattered, I received a mortal man as one of the dead, but against Him I could not prevail. From eternity I had ruled the dead, but behold, He raises all, because of Him do I perish.” Glory to Thy Cross and Resurrection, O Lord!

Today Hell cries out groaning, “My power has been trampled upon, the Shepherd is crucified and Adam is raised. I have been deprived of those whom I ruled, those whom I swallowed in my strength, I have given up. He who was crucified has emptied the tombs. The power of death has been vanquished.” Glory to Thy Cross and Resurrection, O Lord!

Matins of Pascha - Saturday Night

Stichera of Pascha - Doxastikon - Pl. 1st Mode

The day of Resurrection! Be illumined by the feast and embrace one another. Let us speak to those who hate us and forgive all by the Resurrection. And so let us cry out, “Christ is risen from the dead, by death trampling down death, and unto those in the tombs bestowing life.”