Benediction at the 57th Appeal of Conscience Annual Awards Virtual Event

Benediction by His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America at the 57th Appeal of Conscience Annual Awards Virtual Event

The Pierre Hotel

New York, New York

September 19, 2022


My beloved friend Rabbi Schneier,

Distinguished Honorees,

Friends of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation,

Let us close our fellowship this evening with a prayer – including a silent and respectful remembrance of the late Prime Minister Shinzo Ábe, last year’s World Statesman Awardee, who was cruelly and all too soon taken from us. Please bow your heads with me for a moment in honor of his soul. (Pause for ten seconds.)


O Creator of Heaven and Earth, we offer our praise and thanks for those who bear witness for truth, righteousness and the mutual respect that the Appeal of Conscience Foundation manifests to the world. We ask Your special blessings upon our mentor, friend and the founder, our beloved Rabbi Arthur Schneier.

We also ask divine blessings upon those honored this year: His Excellency Mario Draghi, Jean-Paul Agon, and Robert K. Kraft – for all their contributions to peace of the world and the good estate of the human family.

God of the Universe, we beseech You to make our hearts firm to ever protect the religious liberty, basic rights and God-given dignity of every human being. May the principles of the Appeal of Conscience keep us grounded in Your ways, strengthened in your righteousness, and always committed to compassion for every living being. Amen.