Professor Brian Daley talks about how 1 Thessalonians is the earlier full extent Pauline letter that exists. He continues that 1 Thessalonians is historically the earliest complete Christian document in existance. It is pretty clear that 1 Thessalonians is written by Apostle Paul directly to the People of Thessaloniki, this is the only letter of Apostle does that— the rest of his epistles are written to the Churches of the different cities. Professor Brain Daley goes into further detail about the 1 Thessalonians of and the writings of Apostle. Professor Brian Daley, S.J. gave his lecture, St. Paul: A Model of Preaching and Ministry in the Fathers of the Church, at the Pauline Symposium on October 9-17, 2008.

The Pauline Symposium is an academic offering of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to the Primates of the Church for the enrichment of their pastoral care and work. The Pauline Symposium took place October 9-17, 2008.