We Offer These Gifts: The Proskomide Service

In this video, viewers will watch the Proskomide (Prothesis) service, when a priest prepares the bread (prosphoro) and wine for a Divine Liturgy. Each action will be seen, its significance and history briefly discussed, and the prayers the clergy recite with each action will be shown.
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Interior of Church

Orthodox Worship

Worship is an experience which involves the entire Church. When each of us comes together for Worship, we do so as members of a Church which transcends the boundaries of society, of time and of space.



Interior of Church

The Divine Services of the Orthodox Church

There are many aspects of Orthodoxy that help to shape and define the "Church", from the worship and prayer to the architecture, art and iconography of the physical building.



Iconography & Architecture

Learn more about the Icons of the Church, the meaning and thought behind them, and how these "windows into heaven" are used in worship and Liturgical life.

Additionally, learn how the physical characteristics of the church help define sacred spaces for a spiritual oasis.