This issue of PRAXIS focuses on a very challenging topic in our contemporary world—the understanding of individualism and loneliness. An understanding of both of these and how our Orthodox Faith addresses them is essential in our role as religious educators, teachers and clergy, as well as critical in confronting the spiritual, emotional and mental struggles of so many. We see all around us people who are connected more than ever, but they are connected by technology, not in the relational way that affirms our individual uniqueness and our essential need for a relationship with God.

In This Issue


Engaging Young Adults through Community and Conver
Jenny Haddad Mosher

Embracing the Joy of Missing Out
Adam Murphy

Going Home: Caring for an Elderly Parent
Anestis Jordanoglou


The Invisible Digital Life of a 21st Century Teen
Angeliki Constantine

Finding Purpose and Meaning in Community as Newlyweds
Lara Galis

Nurturing Young People through Orthodox Home Education
Dianthe Livanos

Creation as Sacrament: Reflections on Ecology and Spirituality – John Chryssavgis
Reviewed by V. Rev. Dr. Anton C. Vrame

Last Night's Soup Run: Feeding the Hungry and the Homeless – Despina C. Kartson
Reviewed by Sarah Parro

Free to Make Connections
V. Rev. Dr. Anton C. Vrame

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