In This Issue


The Importance of Fasting and Its Observance Today
Official Document of the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church

Fasting: Is It Really Necessary?
Rev. Fr. Panayiotis Papageorgiou

Days that Remember: Feasts, Memory and Faith
Dr. Nicole Roccas

Sustenance, Benediction, Praxis, Lent
Poems by Nicholas Samaras

Facebook as a Lenten Discipline: An Orthodox Pilot Study
Rev. Dr. Anton C. Vrame

To Eat or Not to Eat? How is the Question
Rita Madden

Nourishing Body and Soul: Tips and Tricks for Meal Planning During a Fast


So You've Formed an Outreach Committee ...
Rev. Fr. Jim Kordaris

What is Family Ministry?
Rev. Fr. Alexander Goussetis

Create Your Parenting Plan
Anastasia Leondis


The Church Has Left the Building: Faith, Parish, and Ministry in the Twenty-first Century – Michael Plekon, Maria Gwyn McDowell & Elizabeth Schroeder (Editors)
Reviewed by Rev. Dr. Anton C. Vrame

The Food and Feasts of Jesus: Inside the World of First-Century Fare, with Menus and Recipes – Douglas E. Neel & Joel A. Pugh
Reviewed by Sarah Parro


Fasting and Feasting
Rev. Dr. Anton C. Vrame

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