Faith-based Resolve to Eradicate Enslavement: Didactic Outreach Ministry.

The FREEDOM Ministry is the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America’s National Human Trafficking Awareness Ministry.  The Ministry provides trainings, resources, to the various groups within the Archdiocese. It’s Director represents the Archdiocese in the National and International arena’s fight against Human Trafficking.

Contact information:

Rev. Protopresbyter Dr. Peter J. Spiro, Director
Email: [email protected]

About FREEDOM Ministry

The FREEDOM Ministry’s goal is to raise awareness within the parishes in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.  By training the clergy, lay leaders, parishioners, and various organizations about Human Trafficking, the parishes can become better equip to recognize the vulnerabilities that may exist within the parish, members of the parish, and parish community.  Human Trafficking awareness is the key to combatting this Modern Day Slavery.  The trainings are tailored for each of the various groups within the Archdiocese and are conducted in-person by request to the Director.  

The Saint Barbara’s Chapel in Tennessee that services law enforcement and Human Trafficking Survivors is also the Resource Center for the FREEDOM Ministry and is also the prayer center for the Ministry.  The Holy Eparchial Synod has designated the chapel as the “Shrine for Human Freedom”.  

Inquiries for training, prayer requests, or resource requests can be sent to Father Peter at [email protected]