The CUE Series

Helping Our Clergy Connect, Understand, Equip

In response to Archbishop Elpidophoros’ mandate to assist our clergy to minister to their congregations during the pandemic, the education and mental health sector of the Archbishop’s task force produced the CUE Series. This educational video series is designed to support, reinforce and educate the clergy on pastoral care issues during these challenging times.

The Archbishop's Task Force seeks to assist clergy to navigate the unprecedented demands placed on them during the COVID-19 pandemic. While there are numerous pressures that clergy face, the task force identified the need to Connect clergy to other clergy and professionals, help clergy Understand specific issues that have arisen at this time, and Equip clergy with specific resources to minister to their congregations.

The CUE video series provides clinical and theological information as well as pastoral strategies to the clergy. Specific attention is given to how clergy can prioritize their own wellness and navigate the demands of pastoral care at this time.

  • Connect: We connect clergy to this new CUE Series resource designed to allow for a foundation for conversation and a promotion of community and support.
  • Understand: The educational component of the initiative is a series of three videos presenting clinical and theological information related to trauma, responding to frontline healthcare workers, and pastoring families who have lost loved ones during this pandemic.
  • Equip: We provide information and strategies to equip and support our clergy as they provide pastoral care to their congregations.


Episode 1: Understanding Trauma

In this episode, clergy receive an introduction to a contemporary understanding of trauma and PTSD from a clinical and theological perspective. Dr. Philip Mamalakis interviews Dr. Renos Papadopoulos, PhD, an internationally recognized expert on trauma.

Episode 2: Offering Support and Guidance to Frontline Workers

Clergy are introduced to the challenges that frontline workers face at this time and given specific pastoral strategies for reaching out to assist. Dr. Philip Mamalakis interviews Dn Euthym Kontaxis, MD., a physician, a deacon in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, a graduate of Holy Cross, and the Director of a hospital emergency room.

Episode 3: Pastoral Care for the Dying and Bereaved

This video explores the variety of challenges, stresses, changes, and difficulties associated with pastoral care to those who are dying and bereaved. In addition, the complexities and pastoral issues related to wakes, funerals, and memorials during a pandemic are explored. Dr. Philip Mamalakis minus 8 interviews two senior clergy, Fr. Nicholas Krommydas and Fr. Christopher Foustoukas discuss pastoral issues and strategies.