Holy Great New Martyr Constantine of Hydra

November 14


Constantine was born on the island of Hydra in the 18th century. Born to a pious Orthodox Christian family, he left the island to the city of Rhodes in order to find work. There he worked for the Turkish governor and converted to Islam. He soon repented and returned to his Christian faith and lived on Mt Athos for a period of time as a monastic. He returned to Rhodes to confront the governor and confess his Christian faith. He died the death of a martyr by being hanged on November 14, 1800.

Apolytikion of New Martyr Constantine

Plagal of the First Tone

Constantine of Hydra, the most-precious shield, the boast of Neomartyrs, who struggled on Rhodes, in hymns and spiritual odes, let us providently honor him O brethren, who suffered for Christ, and received death by hanging. Therefore he rules together with Christ, and he grants abundant healing greater in number than the sand to all who flee to him.

Blessed Feast Day

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