Synaxis of the Kiev Cave Fathers

August 28


On this day, we celebrate the Synaxis of the Kiev Cave Fathers who were laid to rest in the Far Caves of Saint Theodosius in Kiev (see also Sept. 22-28).

Apolytikion of Synaxis of the Kiev Cave Fathers

Fourth Tone

Together with the whole assembly of the monastic Saints, we honour today the noetic sun and brilliant moon of the founding Fathers of the Kiev Caves. For these illumine the firmament of the Church and enlighten them that toil in the darkness of the passions. By their prayers, they grant help from Christ God in the time of all tribulations and they make entreaty for the deliverance of our souls.

Kontakion of Synaxis of the Kiev Cave Fathers

Plagal of the Fourth Tone

Holy and righteous servants of God from the Kiev Caves, the chosen of the generations, ye have shone forth in these hills by your virtues; the earth hath not concealed you, but rather Heaven and the dwellings of Paradise have been opened unto you. Wherefore, we offer hymns of praise unto God Who hath glorified you. Since ye have boldness, make intercession by your prayers, that they who venerate your whole assembly be delivered from all misfortunes, since ye are our intercessors and mediators before God.

Blessed Feast Day

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