Icon of the Mother of God of Vladimir


In all probability, the icon of the Mother of God of Vladimir was painted in Constantinople. In the twelfth century, Patriarch Luke Chrysoberges sent it to Kiev to Great Prince Yuri Dolgruky. The icon was kept in the convent at Vyshgorod, whence the holy Prince Andrew of Bogoliubovo brought it to Vladimir. The icon is one of the most venerated in Russia, having been carried by princes in military campaigns, prayed before by rulers for the welfare of the people, and flocked to by the faithful of all walks of life. At the election of the metropolitans and patriarchs, the names of the candidates were placed before this holy icon, and after prayer, the lot chosen; Patriarch Tikhon the Confessor was elected this way. The icon is celebrated also on June 23 and May 21, the last feast being established to commemorate the deliverance of Moscow in 1521 from the onslaught of the Tartar Khan Makhmet-Girei.

Apolytikion of Icon of the Mother of God of Vladimir

Fourth Tone

Today the most glorious city of Moscow rejoiceth radiantly, for it receiveth as a ray of sun thy wonderworking icon, O Lady; and as we now have recourse thereto, we pray to thee and cry: O most wonderful Lady Theotokos, pray to Christ our God, Who was incarnate of thee, that this city and all Christian cities and countries be kept unharmed from all assaults of the enemy, and that our souls be saved, for He is merciful.

Kontakion of Icon of the Mother of God of Vladimir

Plagal of the Fourth Tone

O Champion Leader, defender of our souls, we joyfully celebrate the festival of thy meeting, O our Lady Theotokos; for thou hast delivered us from evils by the coming of thy precious icon, and as is meet we cry unto thee: Rejoice, thou Bride unwedded.

Blessed Feast Day

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