Martyr Vincent

November 11


Saint Vincent is the most illustrious of the Martyrs of Spain. Because of his virtue, he was ordained deacon by Valerius, Bishop of Saragossa, who, because of his advanced age and an impediment in his speech, commissioned Vincent to be preacher of the Gospel. In 303, the impious Emperors Diocletian and Maximian sent Dacian to Spain as governor, with an edict to persecute the clergy. Saint Vincent was brought with Bishop Valerius to Valencia; the bishop was sent into exile, but the holy deacon was tortured on a rack, and after suffering other cruel torments, gave up his soul into the hands of God on January 22 in the year 304.

Apolytikion of Martyr Vincent

Fourth Tone

With songs of praise, let us hymn the steadfast athletes of Christ: * divine Victor, Vincent, and the noble Stephanie, with Menas the all-glorious. * Having crushed the foe in sundry ages and countries, * they rejoice together, glorified in the Heavens. * Have mercy, O Christ Saviour, on all, by Thy Great Martyrs' prayers.

Kontakion of Martyr Vincent

Plagal of the Fourth Tone

As godly-minded athletes and Martyrs who strove for piety, * the Church doth honour and glorify on this day the godly contests and travails * of Menas the prizewinner, * noble Victor, brave Vincent, and valiant Stephanie, * and lovingly doth cry out and glorify Christ, the Friend of man.

Blessed Feast Day

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