Our Righteous Father Sergius of Radonezh

September 25


Our righteous Father Sergius was born in Rostov, north of Moscow, about the year 1314. Named Bartholomew in Baptism, he was brought up in Radonezh, and at the death of his parents he withdrew to the wilderness to become a monk. It is notable that without having been trained in a monastery, he was of such a spiritual stature as to be able to take up the perilous eremitical life from the beginning, without falling into delusion or despondency. When he had endured with courage the deprivations of the solitary life, other monks began to come to him, for whom he was made abbot against his will. On the counsel of Philotheus, Patriarch of Constantinople, he organized his monks according to the cenobitic life, appointing duties to each. While Anthony and Theodosius of Kiev, and the other righteous Fathers before Sergius, had established their monasteries near to cities, Sergius was the leader and light of those who went far into the wilderness, and after his example the untrodden forests of northern Russia were settled with monks. When Grand Duke Demetrius Donskoy was about to go to battle against the invading Tartars, he first sought the blessing of Saint Sergius, through whose prayers he was triumphant. Saint Sergius was adorned with the highest virtues of Christ-like humility and burning love for God and neighbour, and received the gift of working wonders, of casting out demons, and of discretion for leading souls to salvation. When he served the Divine Liturgy, an Angel served with him visibly; he was also vouchsafed the visitation of the most holy Theotokos with the Apostles Peter and John. He was gathered to his Fathers on September 25, 1392. At the recovery of his holy relics on July 5, 1422, his body and garments were found fragrant and incorrupt. His life was written by the monks of Epiphanius, who knew him.

Apolytikion of Righteous Father Sergius of Radonezh

Fourth Tone

As an athlete in virtue, and as a true soldier of Christ our God, thou didst struggle mightily against the passions in this temporal life, and thou wast a model for thy disciples in psalmody, vigils, and fasts. Wherefore, the Most Holy Spirit dwelt in thee, and thou wast radiantly adorned by His Grace. But since thou hast boldness with the Holy Trinity, remember the flock which thou didst gather, O wise one; and forget not to visit thy children as thou didst promise, O Sergius our holy Father.

Kontakion of Righteous Father Sergius of Radonezh

Plagal of the Fourth Tone

Wounded with love for Christ, O Saint, and having followed Him with unwaning desire, thou didst hate all carnal pleasure, and like the sun thou didst shine on thy fatherland. Wherefore, Christ hath enriched thee with the gift of wonderworking. Remember us who honour thy most illustrious memory, that we may cry to thee: Rejoice, O divinely-wise Sergius.

Blessed Feast Day

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