The Teacher Guide for each middle school zine is a comprehensive classroom unit of 4–6 thematic lessons. Each lesson’s activities and discussions lead students to a deeper understanding and active application of the short texts in the zine. Download a sample lesson.

The lessons follow the “shared Christian praxis” approach, which is described in the introduction to each guide.

  • Focusing activity: Draw students’ attention to the theme of the class session, using a story, allegory or symbol.
  • Name present praxis: Help students identify a part of the Orthodox Tradition or their current way of life.
  • Reflect on present praxis: Help students inquire about and consider the implications of their life or the Orthodox Tradition.
  • Access the Christian story and vision: Segue into the content of the lesson, which includes activities and discussion, in addition to the zine texts. If the students have not read the zine’s passages before class, this would be the time.
  • Appropriate the story and vision: Students make the Christian “story” their story. Students retell the teachings in their own words, responding to and interacting with them in an authentic way.
  • Decision for lived response: Students take what they have learned and consciously decide how this lesson can be put into practice and bear fruit in their lives.
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