Serving the New Wave of Inquirers

Serving the New Wave of Inquirers

Many clergy report an increase in people visiting our parishes. This wave is unique in Church history because these inquirers have primarily, perhaps even exclusively, learned about Orthodoxy on the internet.

The growing number of internet evangelists can be a great blessing if that work leads people to immerse themselves in the life of an Orthodox parish.

But we need to be ready and able to serve these inquirers well.

Are we?

In this episode, Steve Christoforou describes how a healthy parish can build upon the work internet evangelists have done while making up for the deficiencies of the on-line experience. As a veteran internet evangelist (e.g. through Be the Bee, We Are Orthodoxy, Pop Culture Coffee Hour) and the Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM), Steve brings a wealth of insight to this critical and often misunderstood topic.

In the episode, Steve shares the five needs of young people which are further explored in Y2AM’s online ministry training course, Effective Christian Ministry.

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