Calling Orthodox Young Adults – You Can Help!

Calling Orthodox Young Adults – You Can Help!

The Telos Project of Hellenic College Holy Cross is reaching out to rally young adults together to help our parishes and communities during COVID-19. Many are already helping our parishes in this new online world, but we can come together to make an even greater difference.

Many parishes are worried: parishioners need help. They aren’t sure how they are going to pay their bills, and ministries need to be reimagined in an online world. Some of them are getting help, but many are asking for more help.

By working together across all groups and communities, young adults can make an impact by calling every Orthodox parish, seeing what they need, and connecting them to a “Genius Bar”.

Sign up to help a team below: 


Help needed for:

The Callers: Check in on 5-10 parishes in your local area. We have surveyed parishes and know some that need help – we need your help to make the calls.

Genius Bar: The IT and Finance “Help Desk” – are you super techy or do you know business well? Once we start making calls, parishes will ask for us to help set up PayPal or talk through financial resources. We need you to be their liaison, and we will give you what you need so you can help them succeed.

The Showcasers: While some parishes are struggling, there are also many parishes doing spectacular things during these unprecedented times. We need to share their stories and get creative in a digital way to help these bright spots shine and inspire other parishes. Help them tell their story!

Finally, if you know of some amazing work happening (and work you are already doing) related to the crisis, let us know on the same form. We’d love to learn from you and share your ideas with our community of young adults.

Once you sign up, we will follow up with details about how to move forward with this project. 


Billy Tabrizi (CrossRoad ’08) and 

Kosta Nicolozakes (Telos Project, St George Chicago),

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Office of Vocation & Ministry
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