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The Feast of the Transfiguration on Mt. Tabor reveals the glorious light of Christ’s divinity. In describing this event St. John Chrysostom explains that Moses represents the Law and Elijah the Prophets of the Old Testament. Both had visions of God. Moses is symbolic of the dead while Elijah, having been carried up to heaven in a chariot of fire, represents the living over whom - both the living and the dead - Christ reigns in glory!

Also in the icon are the Apostles Peter, James and John. Christ appears to them, not in the form of man, the "suffering servant", but in the form of God! Church hymnology states: "For taking apart the three Disciples He has expressly chosen...He led them up into the mountain by themselves; and for a short time He concealed the flesh He had assumed, and was transfigured before them."

The Transfiguration of Christ is a theophany, a manifestation of God that displays His uncreated divine energy. In the Transfiguration we celebrate the divinity of Christ and the call for His faithful followers to allow God to live in their lives.

Orthodox Christian STEWARDSHIP is the response we offer when God lives in our lives. The participation of the three disciples, along with Moses and Elijah, reveal to us the entire Church: the disciples representing the Church on earth and the prophets the heavenly Church. God’s covenant in the Old Testament is fulfilled in Christ. The testimony of these two prophets and three disciples is the revelation of God in Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We, then, become members of the body of Christ through Baptism and Chrismation into the Faith.

The STEWARDSHIP Program is the way for everyone to belong. We are expected to make an honest and sincere contribution to the sacred ministry of the Church. No matter what one’s income so long as one gives as an expression of faith and love the work of Christ’s church will grow and prevail.

See: Matthew 17:1-12; Mark 9:2-10; Luke 9:28-36

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