The icon depicting our Lord washing the feet of His disciples is a beautiful example of love and humility. We are taught by the hymns of the Church: "The Savior and Master, ever leading us to divine exaltation, in His actions revealed to us the humility that raises us on high. For with His own hands, He washed the feet of the disciples."

As Jesus washes the feet of His disciples, we have both a symbol of baptism and an example of service. This becomes more profound when we realize that in Jesus, God in the flesh renders humility as an expression of stewardship. As Christians, we are bathed and cleansed by Christ in the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. Periodically, throughout our lives, we have "foot-washings" by our Lord through the Sacrament of Holy Confession.

The only way for God to assist us in actualizing the likeness we have in Him is to guide us in developing His unselfishness in us. Giving is not for God’s benefit, but for our own. He waits patiently for us to learn to give. Humankind may be transformed into His likeness by the process of STEWARDSHIP.

We need to be honest with God. Like our Time and Talents, our Treasure is also a gift from God. He makes it possible for us to acquire such treasurer. Obtaining what we believe to be our own material possessions, our treasures are actually entrusted to our care by God. As Orthodox Christians, we have the responsibility to our Lord to support and make possible the perpetuation of the ministry of His Church in the world. Our response to this call is by giving in an open, direct, and honest manner.

The Lord puts forth many examples of humility and love. As in the example of our Lord washing the feet of His disciples, Church leadership must also set the example of ministering with humility. It is our STEWARDSHIP obligation and privilege to serve God and our fellow humankind. This is the life of the Church in all Her mystical, catechetical, and pastoral expressions.

See: John 13:1-17

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