The first miracle of our Lord took place at the wedding feast in Cana of Galilee. By His presence at the wedding Jesus affirms that marriage is to be holy and honorable. The miracle performed of changing the water into wine symbolizes the blessing we receive when Christ is the center of our lives.

When a man and a woman promise to love and honor one another they are joined together in the community of marriage. The Holy Mysterion of Matrimony emphasizes that love is true and complete when Christ is in their midst. Standing before the Holy Altar the bride and groom make an eternal commitment to be faithful to one another.

An Orthodox Christian marriage is a celebration in which Christ touches the lives of the newly married couple. The presence of the Lord remains because this sanctified relationship is based on love. Christ’s life was a message of love and His love for those who enter into marriage is a model for their love to each other. The elements of love include forgiveness and faithfulness throughout their lives.

A household built on faith in Jesus Christ must develop a meaningful relationship with the Church. The Mysterion of Holy Matrimony in the Orthodox Church offers this prayer: "Let them know their children’s children. Preserve the sanctity of their home. Give them both of the dew from heaven and of the earth’s bounty. Fill their houses with grain and wine and oil and every good thing, so that in turn they may share with those who are in want…"

From the moment the bride and groom were united "…in one mind…" and crowned "…with glory and honor" they entered the condition that makes their marriage a Christian Orthodox marriage. This condition is the acceptance of the Gospel of Christ, the bearing of His Cross in order to participate in His triumph and entry into His Kingdom in order to partake of eternal life. Christ crowns them together with the martyrs and the saints as champions of the Faith!

STEWARDSHIP is the means by which a family manages its TIME, TALENTS, and TREASURE to the glory of God. To care for and to love one another often calls for sacrifice. As married couples work to fulfill their basic material needs, and in time those of their children, it is imperative that they keep in mind their spiritual lives as well. This must be a priority in the family for "What God has joined together, let no man put asunder."

See: John 2:1-11; Ephesians 5:21-33

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