Season Premiere of Be the Bee #147 | How to Start (and Keep) a Prayer Rule

Season Premiere of Be the Bee #147 | How to Start (and Keep) a Prayer Rule

By Steven Christoforou

“It is better to pray little but often.” 

(Saint Theophylact of Bulgaria)


One of the core practices of our spiritual lives is prayer. 

However, for many young people, starting a daily prayer discipline can seem overwhelming.

How much should I pray?

When should I pray?

Am I doing it wrong?

To help, the season premiere of “Be the Bee” addresses this important topic and offers practical, actionable tips to help young people get started (and maintain) a daily habit of prayer. 


Be the Bee #147 episode includes:

  1. the four keys to starting (and sticking to) a prayer rule;
  2. a PDF workbook that will allow viewers to develop an achievable, daily prayer rule with the help of their spiritual father; and
  3. a companion calendar to help viewers track their progress over the next few months.

The episode offers a simple prayer challenge: 

Can we all commit to maintain our daily prayer rule over the next three months?

The new season will include forty challenging and inspirational videos to help people connect to Christ in a deep, meaningful way.

New episodes of “Be the Bee” will premiere every Monday night on the Y2AM Youtube channel:

However, this is just one piece of the daily youth and young adult ministry content offered by the Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. 

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