2019 Coordinators/Chairpersons


Metropolis Coordinators:                                            

Andrea Tsakopoulos

Phone: (219) 789-4474 (cell)                                                   

Audrey Polite (Covello)

Phone: (219) 742-7679 (cell)

Father Chris Avramopoulos

Metropolis of Chicago
Youth & Young Adult Ministries Office
40 East Burton Place
Chicago, IL 60610                                                                                                                
Phone: (312) 337-4130  
Fax: (312) 587-7963


Date: 05/11/2019
Host Parish: Assumption Church
Address: 1755 Des Peres Road, Town and Country, MO 63131
Phone: (314) 966-2255
Host Chairperson: Diane Sieckmann
Phone: (314) 412-3476                    



The Metropolis of Chicago does not hold district festivals. All parishes send speakers to the Metropolis Festival, which also includes the following categories:  Oratory, Essay, Poetry, Iconography and Vocal Solo. If you have any questions, contact Andrea Tsakopoulos.


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