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2020 Coordinators/Chairpersons


Metropolis Coordinators:                                             

Rev. Fr. Theodore Toppses                                             

St. Gregory the Theologian Church                           
1007 West Street                                                                      
Mansfield, MA 02048
Phone: (508) 337-9986
Fax: (508)337-9987
Cell: (207) 576-1536 
Email:  [email protected]       

Rev. Archdeacon Dionysios Papiris

Director of the Office of the Metropolitan & Metropolis Ministries
Metropolis of Boston
162 Goddard Ave
Brookline, MA 02445
Phone: (617) 277-4742

Metropolis Festival:

Date: Cancelled

Location: St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Church, Braintree, MA

Time: TBD



The Oratorical Festival within the Metropolis of Boston no longer has “District Levels” like in past years, but instead there is a larger Metropolis Level. Each parish can send one top finalist from the Junior Division and one top finalist from the Senior Division straight from the Parish Level to the Metropolis Level. The Metropolis Level will continue as it always did, sending one top finalist from each division to the National Level. We still ask for you to try to host your Parish Level some time in February or March, in order to give the finalists plenty of time to prepare for the Metropolis Level. If you have any questions, or need clarification, please reach out to the Metropolis of Boston Coordinators, listed above.




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