St. Photios Shrine Holds Reverse Raffle

St. Photios Shrine Holds Reverse Raffle

In 2020, as part of our modified Greek Landing Day observance, St. Photios Shrine introduced a “Reverse Raffle” to assist in the fundraising goals in light of the global pandemic.  This year, based on the complete success of that event, there will be second Reverse Raffle to benefit our beloved Saint Photios National Shrine.

We pray you will participate and promoting this event through your parish and social media.  As occurred last year, two hundred (200) tickets will be available for a donation of $100.00 each.  

Attached is a flyer and link HERE that permits obtaining of tickets online in a secure manner.

Though closer to a return to normalcy, we are not yet free of the Covid-19 Pandemic.  For this reason, we will once again be modifying our Greek Landing Day observance.  However, we also note that following the honor of two national awards, our video produced for last year’s observance is available online through our social media outlets, and we hope to encourage all to view the presentation.

Your support of the programs and ministries of our Saint Photios Shrine is deeply appreciated.  Thank you for your continued support and for participating in this benefit. 

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