The Invitation

IT’S SUMMER—the kids are ready for a vacation from school...and you're probably looking forward to some time away from work. The season traditionally affords us opportunities to play, relax, or travel that the rest of the year usually cannot. Summer is especially, though, a time for us to Soak Up the S-O-N! This summer's theme will focus on our calling to "Go Forth" as apostles in the world. This isn’t an invitation for a select few; we are all called to share the light of Christ and this summer we will explore how we can do that.

What is Soak up the Son?

Soak Up the Son is a summer program designed for families to assist them in deepening their relationship to Christ and His Church. Through weekly prayers, suggested activities, and other inspirational resources, we will encourage you to live out your faith on a daily basis—tying the Church into your homes.

An important part of Soak Up the Son is that you share it—with your family at home, your parish family, and your family or friends. We--your family from the Center for Family Care--would love for you to share how you  Soak Up the Son. We look forward to connecting with you.

Don’t miss out! Have fun this summer--swim, take a nap in the backyard hammock, and enjoy an ice cream cone—but most importantly, #soakuptheson!

Soak Up the Son Activity Guides