Metropolis Sacred Music Symposium Filled with Harmony 

By Kay Harkins 

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral truly became a center for joy and inspiration on Saturday, December 5, as your GOMSF Church Federation Ministry presented the second of its year-long initiatives, “Returning Strong in Faith, Skill, and Purpose.” Acclaimed Orthodox composers, conductors, and music educators Benedict and Talia-Maria Sheehan were joined by eight singers from Cappella Romana for a lively and motivating day of singing and learning. A thousand thanks to Father Paul Paris, John Lampus and the Cathedral choir and chanters, along with the Holy Trinity staff and community for their marvelous hospitality. 

21 singers, chanters, and directors alike filled their musical toolboxes with fun and practical techniques to make the most of rehearsal time, renew their spirits, and return to their parishes with full hearts. Over 20 joined us during the livestream and another 22 registered to enjoy the recording on a more convenient day. Here are a few of the many positive responses from our registrants our Metropolis participants and those from other jurisdictions in the Portland area and across the country: 

“What a blessing this symposium was. I learned important fundamentals of rehearsing that I never gave any thought to previously. I hope you will save my email address and include me in your mailings. Can't wait to see what's next!”  

“I thoroughly enjoyed last Saturday. The symposium was a gift. And the concert was extraordinary.” 

“Benedict and Talia-Maria were a dynamic duo of pure professionalism. The day just flew by!” 

“Even from viewing the recording I got that wonderful sense of connection and purpose I think we’ve all been missing for so long. So many practical techniques for better singing. What a boost to the hope of possibilities ahead!” 

“This Symposium and the materials provided were so valuable. I can totally see us using these methods in our chant group.” 

“Singing with Cappella singers gave me goosebumps!” 

“George hit it out of the park with that incredible Greek lunch!”