Prayer isn't a numbers game, it's about experiencing Christ's joy!

You Are What You Eat

You've heard it before: you are what you eat. That's most true when we eat Holy Communion. Christian joins Steve to consider the amazing insights that Fr Alexander Schmemann offers in...

We're All Broken

We all struggle with something. We're all broken. Every Holy Thursday, we see Christ on the Cross. We come face-to-face with our own brokenness, and the way Christ joins us in our pain. He...

Why Do We Sing in Church?

We've already explored why Orthodox Churches have a distinctive look. They also have a distinctive sound. Why do we sing in our Church services?

Can We Know God?

We can learn things about almost any subject. Yet God doesn't want us to simply know things *about* Him, in an abstract way. He wants us to truly know Him and commune with Him.

Why Easy isn't Always Best

​Lent is hard work, especially when so much of the modern world is designed to make things easy for us! Yet life isn't easy. Can we become the sort of people who learn how to do what's...

Should I Fear God? (feat. Elissa Bjeletich)

Lots of prayers say we should "fear God." Does that mean we should be terrified of Him? How can we fear God and love Him?

What is a Sacrament?

Are there 7 sacraments? Are sacraments just symbols, or ways to receive grace? Get ready to unlearn everything you think you know about sacraments in this episode!

You are a Royal Priesthood (feat. Fr. Stephen Freeman)

As Christians, we're all priests of creation. We're all called to live liturgically: to offer ourselves, each other, and all our lives to Christ our God.

What Vestments Reveal About our Relationship with God

Vestments are more than decorations: they reveal something important about our relationship with God and the role of our clergy.

Our Sacred Order

Hierarchy isn't about status or being important. In the Church, hierarchy is our sacred order, the way we fit together as One Body.

New Year, New Focus

The ways we spend our time and money say a lot about what we actually love. And our actions may reveal we don't love God as much as we'd like to think. Let's take an honest look at...

The HOPE Project (Project for Awesome 2016)

Human trafficking is a big problem all over the world. In this year's Project for Awesome, we're supporting the HOPE Project, a new program that connects survivors of human trafficking...

Six Minute Church Tour

Walking into an Orthodox Church can be pretty overwhelming. Join Steve as he offers a quick tour of what you'll typically see, and what that can teach us about our path to salvation.

A Church of Mysteries

We use the word "mystery" a lot in the Church. Because the Church herself is a mystery: not an idea to be grasped but a reality to be lived.

Why We Don't Hide Our Faith (featuring Sister Vassa Larin)

Faith is often treated as a secret, private thing. But if we really believe that we know the way to eternal life in Christ, would we really keep that hidden from others?

Don't Think About Your Thoughts

"Thoughts" are the imaginings and fantasies that can distract us from God. And they can turn into action after they enter our hearts. So how do we deal with the thoughts that bother us?...

What if God is Real?

God is more than an abstract idea. And if He's real, that has important consequences for our lives.

Why Christians Care for the Environment (w/ Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew)

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and Fr. John Chryssavgis join Steve to explore why caring for the environment is part of our role as Christians and priests of creation.

Four Ways to Forgive

We all know forgiveness is a holy and important thing, yet it's easier said than done. When you're having trouble, here are four things to help soften your heart and open the door to...

Do More Doing

Philanthropy isn't just about cutting checks, and charity isn't just for non-profits. We can all find ways to do more doing in our lives: to connect with people in personal ways and help...

So, What's Your Story?

Our lives are chapters in a greater story. What part are you playing: the all-star athlete, the Greek American, the top of your class? What about the disciple of Christ? This week, let's...

Is it Possible to Pray Always?

Saint Paul tells us to "pray without ceasing." But is constant prayer even possible? And how should we even start? We'll look at simple ways to build our prayer so that our whole...

Five Ways to Jumpstart Your Spiritual Life

You probably know what you need to do to grow closer to Christ, but you're having trouble getting started. Here are 5 ways to jumpstart your spiritual life and start connecting with the Lord...

Six Simple Ways to Make the Most of the Year Ahead

​As we look ahead to the new Church year, we're not preparing simply to learn more about God: we're preparing to grow closer to God. And here are 6 things we can start doing right now to...

Be the Bee #101 | The Holy and Great Council (featuring Dn. John Chryssavgis)

Dn John Chryssavgis, theological advisor to His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, joins Steve to explain The Holy and Great Council. They discuss the mission of the Church in the...

10 Fun Facts About the Orthodox Church

Orthodoxy has been in the news a lot thanks to the upcoming Holy and Great Council. Here are 10 fun facts about the Orthodox Church to share with your family and friends!

What Comes Next

After 100 episodes, it's time to ask: what comes next? As great as it is to talk about God, and learn about Him, the next step is to put it all into practice. Repentance is a change in our...

Hold On to Hope

Life is full of ups and downs. Even though things are going well, it can suddenly feel like your spiritual life is crashing to the ground. Whatever the reason, here are three tips to help you hold...

Why Do We Die?

Christ is Risen! Yet, if Christ really has conquered death, why do we still die? With a little help from St. Paul the Apostle and Fr. John Behr, we'll take a closer look at our relationship...

Love and Happiness

Many of us seek wealth, or stuff, or other temporary pleasures. Yet God wants us to seek something more. Christ chose the Cross. What do you choose?
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