May Newsletter from National Philoptochos: Philanthropy Witness

May Newsletter from National Philoptochos: Philanthropy Witness

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Paschal Message from the Philoptochos President

Beloved National Philoptochos Board Members, Metropolis Philoptochos Board Members, the Members of the Chapter Boards, and Stewards of Our Philoptochos Society,

I greet you during Bright Week as we walk together in spirit towards the sacred mystery of unconditional love found in the Crucifixion and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Even though the pandemic is not yet over, significant progress has been made, and the Resurrection brings light and hope for the future. We are constantly reminded that humankind and our lives are fragile. All this reflection, united with prayer, makes us more aware of how precious the gift of life is and how priceless each day is. The universal and timeless gift that Christ offered through His Crucifixion and Resurrection was the selfless, sacrificial love that redeemed humankind forever. He came to save the world, John 12: 44-46. “In a loud voice Jesus said: Everyone who has faith in me also has faith in the one who sent me. And everyone who has seen me has seen the one who sent me. I am the light that has come into the world. No one who has faith in me will stay in the dark.” 

There is extensive suffering in our nation and throughout the world, and the mission of Philoptochos works to ease this suffering. As His Eminence declared at the 2019 Children’s Medical Fund Luncheon, “each member of Philoptochos has great value. This is because you work together, in every parish, in every Metropolis, and across our Archdiocese. You are an “army of ἀγάπη” that conquers pain and anguish through generosity and kindness. You are a model of cooperation and collaboration for our Church. You prove that alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

I continue to be greatly proud to lead Philoptochos and the membership in our significant work. On behalf of my fellow dedicated Executive Board Members and Staff, I wish you and your family Christos Anesti! As we help "those in need", may the Holy Light of the Resurrection illuminate our souls and lives!

With Love in the Risen Christ,

Arlene Siavelis Kehl
National Philoptochos President

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