The DAD Education Office in collaboration with Brienza's Academic Advantage (NYC certified professional development vendor) is organizing the Annual Professional Development Seminar scheduled for November 2nd, election day. It is being held virtually this year.

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About the Presentation

“Stop praying for a lighter load, and start praying for a stronger back.” This is the mantra of Salome Thomas-EL, award-winning teacher and principal, and internationally recognized educator. Principal EL believes that resilient teachers and leaders take risks, make courageous decisions, and challenge the status quo. They understand that teaching is not easy, it’s hard work, but it’s good work. As passionate educators, we are able to make a difference in the lives of our students and ensure they are all exposed to an engaging curriculum and effective teaching.

In his thought-provoking presentation, Principal EL shares how we can develop positive relationships and foster a supportive school culture so teachers and leaders can focus on the protective processes that impact and build resilience in all of our students. Principal EL brings a powerful combination of passion, caring, and leadership to craft a refreshing, common-sense roadmap for parents, teachers and administrators to help kids achieve their dreams, no matter the odds.

“Principal EL was called to serve and make an impact on his community.” -Will Smith


The Webinar will run from 8:25am - 1:30pm. Download the full schedule in PDF format. Sessions include:

Passionate Educators FlyerAbout Dr. Salome Thomas-EL

Dr. Salome Thomas-EL has been a teacher and principal since 1987. He received national acclaim as a teacher and chess coach, where his students have gone on to win world recognition as Eight-Time National Chess Champions. Principal EL was a regular contributor on the “The Dr. Oz Show” and is the author of the best-selling books, I Choose to Stay (Movie rights optioned by Disney Films), The Immortality of Influence, which stresses the importance of leadership, mentoring, parenting and service to others, and the co-author of the newly released, Passionate Leadership. Thomas-EL speaks to groups around the country and frequently appears on C-SPAN, CNN, and NPR Radio. Principal EL has studied at Cambridge University in England, Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, and holds a doctorate in Education from Wilmington University in Delaware. He has received the Marcus A. Foster Award as the outstanding School District Administrator in Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania’s distinguished Martin Luther King Award. Reader’s Digest Magazine recognized Principal EL as an “Inspiring American Icon.” Principal EL has also appeared on “The Oprah Radio Network.”

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