Click on the above YouTube video for a short presentation on Strategic Planning and how the Office of Parish Development can help your parish.

Greek Orthodox churches have looked to the Office of Parish Development for Strategic Planning assistance when they have found themselves facing challenging circumstances.

What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning is a management tool that helps us do a better job.  It determines the best way to respond to challenging circumstances in an organization's (in this case, a parish's) environment.  Strategic Planning will help to secure a “preferred future.”

What are the key principles of Strategic Planning?

Strategic Planning leads to action, builds a shared vision, and is an inclusive, participatory process.  It is both internally and externally focused, and requires an openness to question the “status quo.”

What will result from Strategic Planning efforts?

Strategic Planning will identify and prioritize goals, both for the short-term and the long-term.  It will shape and guide what the parish does, and clarify why it does it.  It enables a parish to actively pursue specific, identified goals as opposed to reacting or merely drifting.

How can we get started?

Contact the Office of Parish Development staff to discuss the particular needs of your parish and the specific ways the Office can be of help to you. If you wish to share the Strategic Planning concept with parish leadership, you may choose to use this Strategic Planning brochure.