Orthodox Leadership Conference Talks Now Available Online

Orthodox Leadership Conference Talks Now Available Online

Last month, Saint Vladimir's Seminary hosted the 5th Annual National Orthodox Advanced Leadership Conference.

The Conference featured speakers from a variety of backgrounds, including several Archdiocesan ministry leaders: Steven Christoforou (Director of Y2AM), Father Kosmas Kallis (Director of Y2AM Chicago), Anna Kallis (Project Director of TelosGamma), and Father Luke Veronis (Director of the Missions Institute of Orthodox Christianity at HCHC).

Recording of the talks are available at this link.

The Orthodox Christian Leadership Initiative exists to nurture and empower Orthodox Christian servant leadership. It is a national initiative to increase generosity, servant leadership, and social outreach by clergy and laity of all jurisdictions working together nationally, regionally, and locally. 

Representative of many jurisdictions and vocational backgrounds, the Board of Directors is committed to supporting leadership development in service to God and neighbor.  They affirm what their youngest board member states, "Just as Orthodoxy takes practice and work, cultivating and inspiring leadership in the Church should be an ongoing exercise."

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