2020 Conference: "Christ, The Measure of Wellness: Healing Mind, Body, and Soul”

Date: Friday, November 6 – Saturday, November 7

Hosted online using the professional virtual conference platform Accelevents

In 2019, OCAMPR was invited to collaborate with the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops to establish a Mental Health Task Force charged to identify and respond to the mental health needs of the Orthodox faithful. With that in mind, the OCAMPR Board decided to focus our 2020 conference on the topic of mental health from a theological, psychological, and medical perspective. This year, we have watched our world face the effects of COVID-19 with all its social, economic and mental health implications. All of us have been affected personally and professionally from the events of this past year, making it all the more important that we gather in prayer, fellowship, learning, and support.

While we would all prefer to gather in person, a virtual conference opens up opportunities for us to gather in new ways. This year’s conference committee has worked tirelessly to provide a conference experience that offers opportunities for us to ‘gather’ and connect as Orthodox professionals, as we all desire. Meeting virtually will enable many of us who have not been able to participate in person in previous years to fully participate without the expense and logistical difficulties of travel. We hope to take full advantage of the opportunities we have through a virtual conference while pursuing the same educational and relational experiences of an OCAMPR Conference that we know and love. Join us, and others, as we gather to learn, discuss, and fellowship this fall for OCAMPR 2020.


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