INDIANAPOLIS – The National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians will hold its annual meeting July 8-12, at Holy Trinity Church.

The Church Music Federations of each metropolis send five delegates to the meeting but, in addition, any and all current National Forum stewards are welcomed and encouraged to attend, according to Maria Keritsis, national chairman.

The meeting provides church musicians an opportunity to connect with others from throughout the country, to learn and participate in the work of the National Forum, and to enjoy some fellowship.

Among the topics on the agenda are the updating of the Congregational Participation booklet that outlines an approach for encouraging congregational singing and discussion of ideas for engaging our youth in worship by teaching hymns. 

Delegates will review updates of the Forum’s “Hymns of the Orthodox Church” instructional series for use by religious education, camps, and any gathering of youth. 

This update will include the music for the new standard English texts once they are released by the Holy Synod. Other agenda items include recruitment and training of choir directors, choir singers and psalti; exploration of newly composed music; and with the financial support of Leadership 100, planning for additional Church Music Institutes throughout the country for the training of church musicians.

The National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians looks forward to welcoming the Archdiocese’s church musicians to Indianapolis.