Several years ago, the leadership at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Portland, Oregon recognized the need for a parish staff member whose responsibility would be to coordinate the growing number of existing parish ministries and to develop additional ministries. With the assistance of a grant from Leadership 100, the parish established the position of Parish Activities Coordinator.

Christina Marneris has held this position for over four years and is available for consultation at Clergy Laity meetings, conferences and individual parishes. Below, Christina offers a brief outline of the position of Parish Activities Coordinator at Holy Trinity. 


Over four years ago, I came to Portland, Oregon to staff a pilot position developed by the clergy and lay leadership of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. The last four years have taught me so much about parish life and how to effectively contribute in my role as the Parish Activities Coordinator. I believe the challenges that inspired the development of this position are universal challenges that other Orthodox parishes across the country also face. I would like nothing more than to share with you how the position of Parish Activities Coordinator has enhanced parish life here at Holy Trinity and to encourage you to consider it as an option for other parishes within our Archdiocese.

In 1999 the clergy and lay leadership of Holy Trinity began to assess the growing needs of the parish, and what was the best way to grow the ministry of the parish. Initially they considered hiring a youth director, but upon further examination realized that there were needs beyond youth programs.

What the clergy and lay leadership recognized was a shift in parish dynamics. For the parish founders, the church was the primary source of spiritual and social activities. Today, while it remains the center for spiritual growth, ministries and programs now compete with a vast array of work and personal commitments and secular social activities. Leadership also identified a decrease in volunteers and group leaders.

The vision was to develop a pilot position to solve the challenge of organizing a large and active parish life, maximizing volunteerism, fostering involvement in existing ministries, and working collaboratively with clergy to develop new ministries. The position of Parish Activities Coordinator provides resources and support to clergy and lay leadership, provides support and continuity to existing ministries and programs and facilitates the growth of future church ministries and programs. The coordinator works with the leaders of all parish ministries with a particular emphasis on youth related activities, and connects parishioners with ministries and programs of interest to them.

Activities Coordinator Job Description

Position: Parish Activities Coordinator
Status: Full time 
Supervisor: Parish Council Liaison

In 1907 a small group of Greek immigrants drew up the constitution of the Greek Orthodox Community of Oregon and established a church dedicated to the Holy Trinity. Today, Holy Trinity is a bustling community of over 800 families spread throughout the Portland-Vancouver Metropolitan area, with innumerable ministries serving its parishioners and the community at large.


The Parish Activities Coordinator shall work a minimum of 40 hours per week. The Parish Activities Coordinator needs to be an energetic and charismatic individual whose focus shall be to provide support and continuity to existing programs and facilitate the growth of future church programs. The Coordinator will work with the leaders of parish ministries with a particular emphasis on youth related activities. The Parish Activities Coordinator shall connect parishioners with groups and programs of interest t them.


  • Become acquainted with parishioners, group leaders and various ministries as part of a 3-month orientation
  • Establish and maintain a master calendar of all church events, meetings, and activities.
  • Schedule facilities reservations.
  • Establish event planning checklist and procedures for church activities. Maintain a database of all past activities and the accompanying planning checklists for future reference.
  • Cultivate and support parishioners to serve as volunteers. Establish a volunteer database and assist group leaders with the orientation and training of volunteers for various programs.
  • Assist in coordination, development and implementation of youth ministries. Publish periodic youth activities newsletter.
  • Meet as needed with ministry leaders to solicit program suggestions, establish goals/objectives, present reports and updates on ministry programs.
  • Collaborate with ministry leaders in promoting spiritual, cultural, social and philanthropic activities.
  • Create and chair a Parish Activities Council that will provide a forum for ministry leaders to share ideas and review activity calendars.
  • Assist in the coordination of major parish activities including but not limited to; annual community picnic, New Year’s Eve party.
  • Establish office hours, when the Coordinator will be available to parishioners and staff.
  • Provide regular reports to the Parish Council and assume additional responsibilities as assigned by the Parish Council liaison/supervisor.

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church ® Portland, Oregon

Get the Parish Activities Coordinator Evaluation Form here.