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Take a few minutes as a couple to read and reflect on the following quote:

In marriage the festive joy of the first day should last for the whole of life: every day should be a feast day; every day husband and wife should appear to each other as new, extraordinary beings. The only way of achieving this: let both deepen their spiritual life and strive hard in the task of self-development” (Father Alexander Elchanivov, early 20th century Russian émigré, in The Diary of a Russian Priest).
  1. What is new and extraordinary about your husband or wife today? Each day for the next week, consider sharing with your spouse something new and/or extraordinary that you discover or see in him/her.
  2. What are you doing to deepen your spiritual life? How can your husband/wife support and encourage you to in this endeavor?
  3. What are you doing to develop as a person? How can your husband/wife support and encourage you in this endeavor?
  4. How do you celebrate the “feast” of your marriage daily?

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