Live with the Louhs

On this week's episode of "Live with the Louhs," a radio ministry of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, Fr. Nicholas Louh and his wife, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Roxanne Louh speak with Tim Tassopoulos, President and COO of Chick Fil-A on the power of "Servant Leadership." Tim shares how one of his greatest influences was Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick Fil A. Through his words and actions, Truett Cathy embodied the true essence of what it means to be a servant leader, and in turn, this style of leadership has now become a core principle of the company. In the "Louh Down," the Louhs give some practical advice that brings faith and psychology together, to give you three steps you can take today to model your life around the greatest Servant Leader, Our Savior Jesus Christ. If you have any comments or questions for the Louh's, you can email them at [email protected]. You can also visit their website at Live with the Louhs airs every Sunday morning at 6a.m. on 77WABC Radio in New York City.

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