What is Live Broadcasting?

Parishes are able to broadcast their divine services live online for those who are unable to attend in person. Since this service began in 1997, thousands of liturgical services and hundreds of educational classes have been broadcast over the internet.

What are the Costs?

The discounted fees that the Archdiocese has worked out is $900 per year for ad-hoc streaming (streaming only each service). If you wish to stream 24/7, the cost is $1,400 per year.

Do I need an Annual Subscription or Can I Set up a One-Time Broadcast?

We can also accomodate one-time (non-recurring) broadcasts. The total cost for these types of broadcasts is $150 for a single day (24 hours), which includes online service setup and basic troubleshooting. On-location service is not available, and a minimum of 7 business days notice is required.

What do I Get?

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Embedded player for your website. The player is compatible with many browsers (desktop and mobile) and has customizable features.
  • M-F 9-5 support
  • Stream to all desktops, browsers, iOS, Android, and many other mobile devices

For GOA Parishes: *

* A Metropolitan's letter of approval is required to be featured on the above. When you submit a request for live streaming, please mention that you'd like to have the parish featured, also check out this article for more information and instructions.

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