Preparing for Great Lent: Two Webinars on Parish Ministry

Preparing for Great Lent: Two Webinars on Parish Ministry

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America will offer two webinars aimed at assisting parishes in enhancing their ministries during this year’s Great Lent. On March 10, from 7 to 830 pm EST, “New Trends in Ministry: Lessons for Lent,” and on March 11 at the same time, “A Practical Roadmap: Lessons for Lent.”

The speakers will be V. Rev. Anton C. Vrame, Director of the Department of Religious Education, Rev. Alexander Goussetis, Director of the Center for Family Care, and  Steven Christoforou, Director of the Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM). In the presentations and conversation, each will share insights and practical suggestions for parish life and personal action during Great Lent. Spyridoula Fotinis Coordinator of Programs & Special Assistant, Department of the Archdiocese Department of Inter-Orthodox Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations will serve as Moderator of the Webinar. 

The first evening “New Trends in Ministry” will focus on some of the newer developments that are happening in parish ministry, especially in light of the pandemic and the lessons being learned that will affect parish life for the foreseeable future.  The second evening “Lessons for Lent,” will focus on strategies and resources that can be utilized for parish ministry.

To register for the events, please use this link:

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