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Leadership 100 Sponsors Video Series on Orthodox Christianity

NEW YORK –  “Discovering Orthodox Christianity,” a 26–part series of talk shows and Bible studies is now available. Produced by Greek Orthodox Telecommunications, (GOTelecom) and designed to educate viewers about the basic teachings of Orthodox Christianity, the series was made possible with a grant from the Archbishop Iakovos Leadership 100 Endowment Fund.

His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios presents five of the 26 programs, and the remaining 21 (which were videotaped in Holy Cross Chapel at HCHC), feature as presenters Metropolitans of the Archdiocese, theologians, clergymen and other leaders in the Church and experts their particular fields.

“We are extremely grateful to Archbishop Demetrios and Leadership 100 for recognizing the opportunity to use video and subsequent dissemination in multiple platforms to educate and inform our faithful and all people who are interested in the Orthodox Faith. Leadership 100 has always supported the work of GOTelecom, and in this day and age we have so many more ways of getting our message of Christ’s love out to an international audience,” said Nicholas J. Furris, senior producer/director for GOTelecom.

Mr. Furris together with Marissa P. Costidis, GOTelecom’s Managing Director, developed the programs and oversaw a production team that worked closely with the Director of the Department of Religious Education Dr. Anton Vrame to identify show topics and experts in those topics. Staci Spanos, newscaster from Jacksonville, Fla., served as the host, engaging the guests and inspiring thoughtful and educational discussions.  Stavroula Savelidis provided production assistance.

The programs will air on the Archdiocese television channel through WhereverTV. The channel, GOTelecomTV, is the only Greek Orthodox channel offered, is free on internet and features past GOTelecom productions, including Greek Orthodox religious, cultural and educational programs.  WhereverTV uses the internet instead of cable wires or satellite dishes to bring television programming to you. There are two ways to watch – either by streaming content directly to your PC or iPad, or by using a ROKU Box streaming device connected to your television. To learn more about WhereverTV’s GreekTV service visit: http://greek.wherever.tv or call WhereverTV at 412-663-0094.

The programs are also available as a complete DVD set for parish and ministry education. Contact GOTelecom for more information at 212-774-0244.


Following is a list of all program topics and presenters:

1) What is Orthodox Christianity? - Rev. Dr. Thomas Fitzgerald and Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis
2) The Bible in the Orthodox Church – The Old Testament -Rev. Dr. Harry Pappas
3) The Bible in the Orthodox Church – The New Testament - Rev. Dr. Eugen Pentiuc and Dr. Bruce Beck
4) Worship in Life - Rev. Dr. Alkiviadis Calivas and Rev. Dr. Philip Zymaris
5) The Orthodox Liturgical Year - Rev. Dr. Philip Zymaris and Rev. Fr. John Vlahos
6) The House of God – Iconography - Dr. Helen C. Evans and Dr. Anton C. Vrame
7) The House of God – Architecture, Vestments the Religious Articles - Dr. Helen C. Evans and Dr. Anton C. Vrame
8 ) Music in the Orthodox Church - Archdeacon Panteleimon Papadopoulos, Dr. Vicki Pappas and Dr. Grammenos Karanos
9) The Early Church - Dr. Demetrios S. Katos and Dr. James C. Skedros
10) The Modern Church – the Growth of the Orthodox Church in America -Fr. Mark Arey and Dr. Anton C. Vrame

11) The Ecumenical Patriarchate – Aspects of Past and Present: Archbishop Demetrios of America
12) Orthodoxy and Other Faith Tradition - Metropolitan Methodios of Boston and Rev. Dr. Demetrios Tonias
13) Orthodoxy: Faith In Action - Metropolitan Nicholas of Detroit and Fr. John Vlahos
14) The Orthodox Stance on Moral the Social Issues - Metropolitan Nicholas of Detroit, and V. Rev. Dr. Nathanael Symeonides
15) Saints and Martyrs of the Orthodox Church - Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis and Dr. James C. Skedros
16) The Changing Orthodox Family - Rev. Fr. Constantine L. Sitaras and Presbytera Kerry Pappas
17) Orthodoxy and Our Youth - Fr. Jason Roll and Eva Kokinos
18) Ministering to our Elderly -V. Rev. Dr. Nathanael Symeonides
19) Orthodoxy in a New Media Age - Metropolitan Savas of Pittsburgh and Theo Nicolakis
20) Faith and Pop Culture - Metropolitan Savas of Pittsburgh
21) Patristics – The Fathers of the Church - Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis and Dr. James C. Skedros
22 ) The Ethics of Orthodoxy - Metropolitan Nicholas of Detroit and Rev. Dr. Mark Sietsema
23) An Interpretation of Psalm 8 – A Bible study;
24) An Interpretation of the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 19, Verses 1-10 – A Bible study;
25) An Interpretation of St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans, Chapter 8,, Verses 31–39 – A Bible study;
26) An Interpretation of the First Epistle of St. John, Chapter 4, Verses 7–16 – A Bible study.

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