IV Next Wraps Up Another Successful Year

IV Next Wraps Up Another Successful Year

Ionian Village is pleased to announce the completion of IV Next 2022, our highly successful Faith-based young adult program. 

Approximately 60 young adults and staff from parishes throughout the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, participated in this year’s IV NEXT program from May 31-June 13. IV Next is the only young adult travel program to Greece that has our Orthodox Faith at its core. 

Working together with and funded partially through a generous and loving grant from Leadership 100, IV Next focused not only the influential excursions of the classic Ionian Village program, but also, the future of the participants by providing access to mentors from Leadership 100 and ministerial positions in the Church. 

Workshops and sessions were lead by faithful leaders in the Archdiocese, which allowed participants to not only grow in their Faith, but take that next important step in their journey as young men and women of the Faith.

Andrew Carrig, an IV Next Staff and member of Assumption in Eerie, PA, reflecting about the program said, “seeing these young men and women being engaged not only in the future of their vocational careers, but also in interests related to the Church in the present, brings me excitement as a contemporary.”

Fr. Jim and Presbytera Donna Pappas, lead workshops on relationships, young adult concerns, and Orthodox decision making. 

Elaine Allen offered her talents on lay service in the Church, allowing young people to use their gifts for the Lord. 

The Honorable Steven Counelis, Archon and past IV camper, staff, and Leadership 100 member, addressed the young people on leadership and vocational avenues.   

Alex Kuvshinoff, former IV Program Director, lead a discussion in fellowship and the need for young adults to be active in the life of the Church.  

Reflecting on this amazing journey, Ionian Village Director Fr. Gary Kyriacou stated, “these young adults are truly ripe for service in the Church. Their love for their Faith and culture, will help secure the Church for years to come. We will be in good hands.”

Over 20,000 young people, staff and clergy have participated in the program since its inception. For more information and daily updates, visit our social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) or visit

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