The Center for Family Care's newest ministry, "Fully Human," is designed to lift up the unique gifts of individuals and families with special needs. Our graphic features four well-known saints of the Orthodox Church who faced physical and intellectual challenges in their lives, including:

  • St. Matrona of Moscow the Wonderworker who was blind from birth,

  • St. Sergius of Radonezh who had difficulty learning to read as a child,

  • St. Paraskevi who was blinded in persecution and is known for healing sight-related ailments,

  • St. John Maximovitch the Wonderworker of San Francisco who had a severe speech impediment his entire life.

By lifting up the various sayings and life examples of these and many other Saints, and drawing upon the teachings of Holy Scripture and wisdom related to true personhood in Christ, “Fully Human” will seek to edify, encourage, and equip persons with special needs and their caregivers to realize and energize their special calling in the Lord. Jesus Christ’s “power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore, when faced with physiological challenges persons can take heart that the Lord seeks to work His special power through the very things the world misunderstands as weaknesses.