Announcing New Translations and Books published by Fr. Peter A. Chamberas

Announcing New Translations and Books published by Fr. Peter A. Chamberas

Fr. Peter A. Chamberas, a retired clergyman of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, has completed a number of new works to add to his extensive collection of translations and essays.  The new works: Athonite Flowers, Ten Essays on the Spiritual Life by Monk Moses of Mt. Athos; The Triads in Defense of those who Practice Sacred Quietude by St. Gregory Palamas; and a new edition of The Mystery of Repentance and Confession in the Orthodox Church are now available at

Fr. Chamberas, a 1961 graduate of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, was born in Greece and came to America in 1946 when he was eight years old.  After graduating from HCHC he returned to Athens twice for graduate studies at the University of Athens, receiving the Licentiate degree in 1964 and later, after returning to Boston and receiving the STM degree from Boston University, School of Theology, in 1965, he returned to Athens and earned his ThD degree from the University of Athens in 1970.   

While attending Boston University, Fr. Chamberas was recruited by Holy Cross Press to translate into English a Greek study by the then visiting professor from Thessaloniki,Konstantinos D. Kalokyres, entitled Ἡ Οὐσία τῆς Ὀρθοδόξου Εἰκονογραφίας. Over the years, this book has appeared in several editions as The Essence of Orthodox Iconography. 

This initial translation was followed by many others over the years.

Later in life, when Fr. Chamberas came out of retirement to serve as the Resident Chaplain at HCHC during the years 2007-2015, he once greeted and talked with one of the visiting parents of two students at HCHC. The parent immediately asked him: “Are you the one who translated, ‘The Essence of Orthodox Iconography?’  That book has changed the course of my professional life!”  That parent was Elias Damianakis, who is now recognized as a well-known and successful iconographer in America.

Currently, Fr. Chamberas divides his time between New Hampshire and Florida, and is still translating and writing, hoping to produce additional resource materials that could help the new generations of clergy in their parish ministry. Most of his past work is listed on his website and some of his more recent work is also now available at

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