Female Religious Leadership: Interfaith Perspectives

Female Religious Leadership: Interfaith Perspectives 

Join us for the second webinar of FoRēL – Female Religious Leaders on Monday, February 8 at 1 PM ET. The conversation will focus on “Female Religious Leadership: Interfaith Perspectives” and will feature Alyaa Ebbiary, Faith and Belief Forum, Rabbi Melinda Zalma, Jewish Community Relations Council of NY, Mira Ungewitter, Pastor and Projekt: Gemeinde, and Spyridoula Fotinis, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. 

Mother Teresa. Joan of Arc. Fatima az-Zahra. Malala. Anne Frank. Queen Esther. Indirah Gandhi. A few impactful women come to mind when we think of female leaders of different faiths. But many faiths have a complex relationship with female leadership. In many faith traditions, women are barred from certain positions simply because they are women. Why is this? Are there female priests? Rabbis? Gurus? In this webinar, we will speak with four female religious leaders from different faith traditions. How do they understand their leadership? What is their experience being a female leader in an often male-dominated context? What is the value of female religious leadership, and do they think there are any limitations to the ways that women can lead in their faith communities? Join us for what promises to be a challenging, exciting, and inspiring discussion with these powerful women of faith! 

The event is free and open to all. After the webinar, there is an optional meet & greet to continue the conversation. 

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