A Message From FDF

We pray this message finds you in good health. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these have become turbulent times. Our Faith in Christ and the reliance on His Church are where we continue to find our strength.

This is the time of year when parish dance programs traditionally begin to plan for the upcoming FDF. As we learn more about COVID-19, it has become clear that FDF, as we have celebrated it in the past, will need to be reimagined for 2021.

Our team is strategizing ways to safely honor the principles and objectives we have come to enjoy every year. We remain committed to the ideals of FDF and the importance of coming together to honor our faith and heritage. We must balance these beneficial traditions with consideration to everyone’s health and well-being. We will continue to communicate as more details develop. 

Thank you for your interest in FDF 2021 and your support of this ministry.

In the Service of Christ,

Your FDF Leadership