Archbishop Elpidophoros Moves Forward with ABC on Pension Plan

New York, NY – While at the Ecumenical Patriarchate, His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros participated in a teleconference call regarding the Pension Plan with the Archdiocesan Benefits Committee (ABC), as well as several Senior Clergy to discuss the ABC's recommendations. This call was a follow-up to his nationwide virtual meeting with hundreds of clergy on August 11th, which brought together the Clergy Brotherhood from across the Archdiocese to give voice to their concerns. In addition to meeting with the ABC and representatives of the Archdiocese Presbyters Committee (APC), the Archbishop has coordinated the Eparchial Synod and the Archdiocese Council’s Finance Committee to come together in a unified approach to addressing the neglect of the Plan, which spans the past two decades. His Eminence welcomed the urgent commitment and constructive proposals of the ABC.

Speaking at the Phanar, the Archbishop stated:

“There can absolutely no question that any Plan going forward should meet the goals and expectations of the Clergy and Lay workers whose hopes were placed in the Pension Plan. The Eparchial Synod, the ABC and the APC, the Archdiocese Finance Committee, and the Laity of the Church are coming together to restore the viability, and indeed the dignity, of the Pension Plan. Let no one doubt the resolve of the Archdiocese to correct the mistakes of the past and honor the commitment made to our Clergy, both those who have served multiple generations and those ordained only yesterday. We will review the Plan together, set a course of action together, fundraise together, and together achieve the much-needed restoration of the Plan, based upon the ABC’s recommendation.”

Since his election on May 11, 2019, Archbishop Elpidophoros has taken unprecedented steps to find a solution to this twenty-year developing problem. Working side by side with the Archdiocesan Benefits Committee throughout the process, His Eminence’s goals have been and remain consistent: that any plan moving forward should be viable and fundable.

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