The NYC Greek Orthodox Parochial Day Schools and the Afternoon / Saturday Greek Language Schools

During the 2018-2019 school year, there are 50 schools operating within the District – seven day schools and 43 afternoon/Saturday Greek schools. These schools employ 312 Greek teachers and have an enrollment of 5,043 students.

In addition, four of the parochial day schools maintain Pre-K for All programs with an enrollment of 179 students. These schools are as follows: St. Demetrios Day School, Astoria; A. Fantis and DGK, Brooklyn; Greek-American Institute, Bronx (The Pre-K for All programs are funded by the New York State and operate as separate public school entities within our school establishments.)

The District is also the host of three pre-school centers with 108 students in attendance. Pre-school centers are maintained by the following parishes: St. Nicholas, Flushing; Koimisis, Brooklyn; and Archangel Michael, Port Washington.

The Greek Orthodox parochial day schools adhere to the NY State mandates regarding curricula and student assessment. They all maintain pre-school and kindergarten classes as well as elementary and junior high school grades. Only the St. Demetrios Cathedral in Astoria maintains a full high school.

Day and afternoon schools offer a Greek program of studies that incorporates the teaching of the Greek Orthodox faith, the Modern Greek language and history as well as the universal Hellenic ideals, customs, and traditions.

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